The Grow House

The Chip Chronicles, Book 1

If you liked “The Outsiders,” this poignant coming-of-age story is for you.

Charlie “Chip” Rose is just sixteen, the oldest of four children in a dysfunctional family. He has reason to have a chip on his shoulder (no pun intended) when he finds himself repeatedly the recipient of the consequences caused by his parents’ poor decisions.

Chip strives for some normalcy in his life, but that is not on the horizon when his father goes to prison for what he’s been growing out on the edge of their rural property. Chip has to take on the role of ‘man of the house,’ as his mother struggles to make ends meet for the family. The only bright spot in his life is a girl named Abbey, who lives in a house of secrets and lies, too. Together they try and figure life out, but along the way, there are those determined to keep them apart.

The Grow House is a coming-of-age story that pulls no punches. It presents the struggles of a teenage boy, tossed into a role he’s not prepared to handle, told from his perspective. Chip’s conflicting raw emotions are on full display, however, his determination to follow his own dream is something not easily extinguished, It will serve as a catalyst to make it happen when the time is right. And that time is coming.