Where the Crawfish Swim

A fictional novel based on true events.

*This novel is fictional, but based on true events that happened in Pike County, Ohio, in April of 2016. Previously published as Murders on the Ridge.

Briar County is in Southern Ohio – the gateway to Appalachia. People there move at their own pace. They hunt, they fish, they farm – but their secrets run deeper than the fishing holes that dot the countryside. And Dalton Edwards, DEA agent, is about to uncover a few of them after his boss sends him to Briar County on a low-priority assignment as punishment.

There’s something going on in this rural, sleepy county of only 28,000 people, and his higher-ups want Dalton to uncover it. Easier said than done! Dalton immediately discovers the community is tight-knit, and not easily infiltrated. His boss says it’s a pot-growing operation, but Dalton thinks it’s much bigger than that. Before his assignment is over, eight family members will be murdered under circumstances that Dalton knows have nothing to do with a hydroponic weed operation.

As the mass murder makes international news, Dalton is determined to find the murder (or murderers) and expose the guilty to seek justice for the slain. It won’t be easy, and in the end, one more local will perish. Dalton will not rest until those responsible are held accountable.