Strictly Business

A BBW Romantic Comedy

Brant Taylor has no plans to settle down anytime soon.

He’s on the fast-track at his father’s company, Taylor Toys, and has plans to one day be the President and CEO. Brant’s social calendar is overflowing with possibilities. As the Plant Manager, he is tasked with selecting the candidates for the summer intern program for college students who may want a future with the company. But when Brant is forced to hire his younger sister and her friend for the program, his extracurricular activities are curtailed due to their antics, which seriously push his limit, and he’s none too happy about it.

His sister’s best friend, Delilah Mayfield, (who he nicknamed “Pudge” as a kid) has always had a mouth on her, for as long as he can remember. But her attitude isn’t the only thing that has developed over the past few years, and Brant has taken notice. Typically, she is nowhere near the type of girl to pose a distraction for Brant—he prefers them svelte and sweet, and Delilah is neither of those things—she’s so much more.

Still, he finds she’s a distraction he just doesn’t need. Will Brant be able to ignore his attraction to his little sister’s best friend, or will his job suffer?