Heart Strings

Written with Gina A. Jones

Emmett Jackson is a high school drop-out and a rock star wannabe at 20.

He has the looks, the sex appeal, and enough groupies to totally notch-out his bedpost. That’s his current problem. Poor choices and toxic decisions have splintered his dreams for the future just as the band is gaining momentum.

When a one-night stand that Emmett has no recollection of results in a surprise pregnancy, he’s forced to come to terms with the fact that everything his band Wasted has worked for is now at risk.

Torn between obligation and pursuing his dream, Emmett faces some cruel realities in the months ahead. He wants it both ways, and when a female vocalist joins the band, the chemistry of their voices can’t be denied.

Neither can the chemistry between them….

This single-daddy rock star romance will tug at your heart, with plenty of surprises in store.

Previously published as WASTED.  Adult Content.