All of Me

A BBW Romance

USA Today Best Selling Author Andrea Smith brings you her hilarious debut BBW Romance!

Dirk Sexton is a thirty year old playboy with a conscience.
He wants the sex without feeling the guilt of his meaningless one night stands. Deciding to take a chance, he finally takes the leap only to realize that he may just have chosen the wrong sister.

Autumn Dey, Dirk’s newest employee at his radio station, may be Summer Dey’s twin sister, but they are definitely not identical. Summer is tall and toned . . . and well Autumn isn’t.

When Summer starts dating her sister’s gorgeous new boss, Dirk Sexton, Autumn slides herself into the friend zone, admiring from afar. Until, that is, Autumn’s alter ego (and 900 operator “Ramona”) discovers Dirk’s true desires.

Will love truly conquer all?