These Men

Men Series, Book 1

Spoiled and entitled Paige Matthews has a lot to learn – about everything, including herself!

At age twenty-two, Paige finds herself driving across the country to start an internship with the F.B.I. in Quantico, Virginia.

Having been “pushed from the nest,” she is not at all enthused about being under the watchful eye of her older brother, FBI Agent Taz Matthews. She does her best to put things in turmoil at the Matthews’ house, so it isn’t long before she finds herself looking for new roommates.

Enter lovers Eli Chambers and Cain Maddox who recently purchased a house and are looking for somebody to help with the bills. It seems as if everything is fitting into place finally for Paige.

Until something happens between her and the guys. The ones she lives with; the ones she loves.

 This is no typical “Three’s Company” story though. These men assist Paige in embarking on a journey which will serve to shape her into a more mature and self-respecting adult.

She soon realizes that sometimes what you’ve been searching for has been right there with you all along.