Men Duet

What is better than having a man who loves you? Having TWO men who love you!

This MMF 2-Book Set gives both books contained in the “Men Series!”

Book 1, These Men

Paige Matthews is twenty-two, spoiled, and has been pushed from the nest. 

She ends up traveling cross-country to attend the FBI Academy in Quantico, under the supervision of her older brother, Trace “Taz” Matthews (G-Man Series).  But Paige ends up being more than anyone can handle. Her last resort is sharing a house with two buddies of Darcy’s – Eli Chambers and Cain Maddox, partners in love and lust. Paige has a lot of growing up to do, and she ends up learning a lot about life and love from these men.

Book 2, My Men

This sequel to “These Men,” finds Paige, Eli and Cain trying to add to their family. Unfortunately, they’ve been trying for several months with no luck. The stork seems to be ignoring them . . . or is he?

When an unexpected person shows up on their doorstep, it isn’t quite the bundle of joy they’ve been hoping for, but their lives are about to get even more interesting.  Someone from Eli’s past is about to play havoc with their summer, and put a crimp in their love lives.

The threesome is ill-prepared it seems to handle the incredibly complicated scenario that is about to play out. One that finds Eli caught between a rock and a hard place (pardon the pun).

Will Eli do the right thing, or put their relationship at risk?

Adult Content/MMF Romance