Totally Taz

The ‘Taz’ Collection from the G-Man Series

Now from the Amazon Best-Selling ‘G-Man’ Series, Author Andrea Smith gives you the Taz collection! This two e-book set contains “Love Plus One” and “Taz” for your reading pleasure.

FBI Agent Taz Matthews is the readers pick for ‘Best Book Boyfriend’ of 2014!

 Start with Love Plus One where the hot, alpha man-whore is smitten with his best friend Slate’s step-daughter, college coed Lindsey Dennison. As much as Taz tries to resist the temptation, there’s just something about Lindsey that draws her to him like a moth to a flame. But who will get burned? Their relationship is certainly not without challenges . . . and risk. Taz will face disciplinary repercussions when he crosses the line with the Bureau in order to find Lindsey when someone evil comes calling.

The second book in this set, entitled Taz, takes up a few years later in Taz and Lindsey’s marriage. Now settled in with a family, everything seems to be going well, until that is, Slate asks Taz to go undercover on a secret mission in cooperation with Homeland Security. His job is to infiltrate a terrorist organization in order to thwart an impending attack on the homeland. Taz puts everything at risk for his country, including his marriage.

Adult Content.  Graphic Sexual Content/Some Violence.