Love Plus One

G-Man Series, Book 2

Our futures are left to fate. And if we’re lucky, sometimes fate throws us a curve ball we couldn’t possibly have seen coming.

Nineteen year old Lindsey Dennison returns home after her freshman year of college to find the life she had left existed no more. Her parents’ marriage had imploded; her dad was on the run from the law, and her mother had somehow found her lost youth.

All in less than a year’s time.

Enter twenty-nine year old Taz Matthews, a sexy FBI agent and partner of her new stepfather, and suddenly Lindsey’s life is about to get really complicated.

When Lindsey’s safety and well-being are threatened, Agent Taz is sent to protect her. The problem is, there’s nobody to protect Taz when he finds himself becoming smitten with the sweet and innocent Lindsey.

Trying to fight the urge proves useless for this hot FBI agent and stuff is about to get real! He finds himself in uncharted territory with Lindsey Dennison. All he knows is that somebody is out to take what he now claims as his . . .

Warning:  This book is intended for a mature reading audience and isn’t suitable for younger readers. Mature content. Sexual situations and some violence.