Black Balled

Black Balled, Book 1


My name is Babu and I’m a reviewer. No, scratch that…I’m a living god in the review world!

I have no filter and for that my flock of humble followers on Greatreads and The Bluffington Gazette are forever grateful. If not for me, they wouldn’t know what to read. I have no patience for the weak-minded attention seekers, nor do I have respect for the self-proclaimed “geniuses” of the Indie world. My advice to all Indie authors is to never break the Cardinal Rule in this cut-throat business.

My name is L. Blackburn and I’m an Indie author.

My literary genius is loved and worshipped throughout the book world except, of course, by one self-centered reviewer who goes by the name of ‘Babu.’ Apparently I broke some Cardinal Rule and now I’m paying the high price for it. But then, if a predator attacked your cub, wouldn’t you go for the throat?

Game on, Babu . . . Game. Is. On.