Bitch Games

Bitch games . . . yeah, we all PLAY them . . .

A collection of short stories, with common themes. Some are tame, most are hot, and a couple are scorching. But they all show you just how bitch games are played, and that male or female, everyone is capable of playing them!

Here are the stories contained within:


Danielle is home from college recuperating after a horrible assault just as her mother is being hospitalized for the loss of her twin babies. Danielle is trying to heal emotionally, while her mother is in the hospital healing physically. Her stepfather, Jared, is beside himself with grief, and they share their pain with one another in unconventional ways.

Bottoms Up!

Thomas Moskowitz is still licking his wounds from a recent divorce. He’s trying to play the single man’s games in a world he is no longer familiar with because it’s been years. So he ends up in an after-five dive called “Bottoms Up.” But Thomas is pleasantly surprised to run into a chick who is all about some bitch games. But who will win?

Forbidden Fruit

It’s 1967 in the Deep South. College student Prudence Baker is tired of the bible-thumping bigots who surround her in the sleepy town of Branchville. She is just trying to get through the summer until she returns to college in the fall. But then, a gorgeous black man enters her life. Nathan Crawl is everything she’s forbidden to enjoy, but Prudence doesn’t care. She throws caution to the wind and goes after what she wants, and what she wants is Nathan Crawl in every way possible.

She’s a Doll

Picture it: Bakersfield, California – well, it certainly doesn’t match the excitement and night life of L.A. But when Casey’s job transfers her there, she tries to make the best of it. When the man of Casey’s dreams shows an interest in her, she can feel the sexual tension blossom. It doesn’t hurt that he lives right next door to her, but she soon finds out the walls are thin, and all is not as it seems!

A Game We Play

Sena Bodem. A socialite with issues caused by a trauma she experienced which has left her . . . unable to physically connect. She goes for help. Daire Maxfield gives her much more.

Bitch Games

Ally and Jen are BFFS since high school. Now they’re in college and share an apartment. But some things not even best friends should share. Trying to stir up a bit of excitement with their respective boyfriends proves to be hot, but when jealousy enters the picture, the friendships just might turn toxic.

Daughter Dearest

What a girl won’t do for a college education! So while all of her friends are soaking up the sun on pristine beaches from Florida to California, Sherry is in Carbondale playing marriage counselor to her mother and stepfather. But the favor they ask has Sherry caught in a no-win situation.

Sometimes a kind heart can become a heart of stone when lust and betrayal enter the equation.

WARNING! NOT for the faint of heart!