September Series Boxed Set

This e-book boxed set contains both Volumes 1 and 2 of The September Series: Until September and When September Ends.

Book 1: Until September

Take the New Adult Romance journey of 18 year-old September Dawson when she is unexpectedly tossed back into the past having to deal once again with her mother’s desertion when she was only fourteen. No one has heard from her mother since. Now she now finds herself having to help out with her younger half-sister, Scout for the summer. Unexpected chemistry ignites by the most least likely man in her previous life.

Book 2 – When September Ends

Follow the roller-coaster journey of Jesse and September when they received the surprising news that September’s mother, Libby, who deserted the family years prior has suddenly surfaced with a bad case of amnesia. She remembers nothing of the family she left behind, but she has found the Lord. The woman who returns bears no resemblance to the one that deserted the family more than five years prior.

What will happen for Jesse and September?