Evermore, #3

Book 3 in the Evermore Series finds Neely Evans enjoying a lucrative career, but not the one she aspired to as a child. Neely is one of the top, most sought after celebrity photographers, freelancing her expertise to the highest bidding tabloids. In the world of paparazzi, Neely is known as the clever and elusive “Grace Evangelista.”

Her career takes her all over the world, and eventually she finds herself living on the fringe as her current assignment involves one of her favorite subjects: Seth Drake. He’s filming a movie on location, but the candid shots Neely captures bring consequences that give her pause. It would be so easy for her to sell the photo, and collect the huge bounty it would bring, along with settling an old debt from her past.

But, it’s not that simple. It’s never that simple where Seth Drake is concerned.

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